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The courses listed below are our specialty.

Of course, you can learn "normal" diving with us also. :-)
(Training with PADI)
Our CAVE training (IANTD or TDI) is a training program designed exclusively for our students. This means that the training days are run in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. There is enough time to learn and enjoy the surroundings provide.
After training you will be a well-trained and safe Cavern or Cavediver.

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Sidemount Course

You have the opportunity to learn with us a new sense of diving . We now offer Sidemount -Diving and Sidemount PADI & IANTD Courses . For upscale level, we offer the Cave more...

Cavern Course

PADI-Cavern Diver: This course is designed to be an introduction to cavern diving and to help the student diver develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary more...

Introductory Cave Course

IANTD or TDI - Introductory Cave Diver This Program is designed to provide an introduction to the cave diving environment for Sport Divers. Prerequisites more...

(Tecnical) Full Cave Course

IANTD – (Tecnical) Full Cave Diver TDI - Cave Diver This Program is designed to train divers in safe cave diving and, if doing Technical Cave, the technical utilization more...