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Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote

Open daily
Facility:  No tables, very close to the street and also to the ocean so very sandy, bad toilets.
Maximum depth:  6m/20ft

The Nohoch-Nah-Chich cave system ends here in the ocean via a short passage only diveable if you are cave certified. Most dive shops in Playa hardly ever go to Casa Cenote as it is an hour drive and not a typical cenote.  For dive shops in the Tulum area, it is the alternative if the wind blows too strong and they cannot go out for ocean diving.  This cenote is very special because you can feel the tidal movement  here. .  At times it can be hard to dive against the flow and checking the tide tables is not always reliable, but for sure helpful.  Visibility in brackish water is never good, but sometimes you have the halocline layer effect that a friend once described  as a dive in a cocktail.  

There is only a short line already installed as most of the dive we will be in the open water or just under the overhangs of the mangrove roots.  It is stunning to see the different marine life here. You’ll see not only a lot of juvenile fish such as a school of young tarpons, but also the dancing blue crab and other fish that one cannot find in any other cenote.